Wilf's Oilfield Service offers a full spectrum of painting services including Air Painting and Airless for Piping & Equipment.

Air spray painting is the general painting method used to paint large areas.

Airless spray painting: this method is not to mix the air straight to the paint to spray the paint. The spraying method uses the air pressure to eject through a special pipe or a tip. The biggest advantage compared to the spray paint is that the loss of paint is small and can minimize the toxicity and explosion risk is small as well. Furthermore when spraying the paint, able to use small amount of solvent so that one can paint to a thickness of a humidity film and the efficiency of painting is high as well.

There are some advantages to using airless

The adhesion efficiency is high : the paint from the nozzle will be pasted on the product without scattering off during the course.

The definite spray pattern : very little over spray.

Large capacity : just by painting once, you can get the fragment which is thick and the adhesion is excellent as well. Furthermore, the speed of painting is high. 

High viscosity spray is possible : the area of paint applicable viscosity is wide.

Metal Buildings

If you are in the need of any type of oilfield building or mechanical insulation, look no further. We have been building self-framing steel buildings for years.

We service many oilfield companies in Southern Alberta and Saskatchewan. Our integrity, our high standards and commitment to safety has got us where we are today.

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